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Credit Exchange with Other Universities


  • A. Students with recommendations from the dean or academic advisor.
  • B. Current students and special transfer students from Sangju Campus (other transferred students are not eligible)
  • C. Students who are expected to graduate immediately after participating in the credit exchange program may not be recommended.

When to apply

Each university will have their own separate application dates (Exchange program noticeswill be uploaded on the academic notice board)

Participating Universities

Kangwon Univerity, Gyeongsang University, Pusan University, Seoul National University, Sookmyung Women's University, Chonnam National University, Chonbuk National University, Jeju National University, Changwon University, Chungnam National University, Chungbuk National University, Korea National University of Education, Andong University, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Daegu University of Foreign Studies, Daegu National University of Education, Korea National University of Arts


Tuition must be paid to KNU


  • A.Total credits: You may register up to but not more than1/2 the credits needed for graduation (credits earned through Korea Cyber Campus and University Level Program will be counted as credits earned through credit exchange program)
  • B.Credits permitted per semester
    • Undergraduate: Within the limit set by KNU academic regulations. However, if the college you would like to apply for has restrictions regarding credits, you must follow the rules of the university which allowsa lesser number of credits per semester.
    • Graduate School Combined Master’s/ Ph. D Program : within 9 credits
  • C.You may not take courses at two universities at the same time.

How to apply

Go to the Student Information System (YES) and fill in the ‘Application for Credit Exchange with Other Universities.’ Print it out, get the academic advisor and the dean’s confirmation, and then submit it tothe college administration office.

  1. 1. Read through the ‘Notice on Credit Exchange with Other Universities’and other detailed notices from each participating university
  2. 2. Check the timetable of the university you have chosen and decide on which courses to take (visit the university website)
  3. 3. Fill in the application form onthe Student Information System (YES) and then print it out:
    Log in to the student information system →Life @ KNU →Credit Exchange →Apply →Fill in the form and save →Print out the application (printer needed)
  4. 4. Get your academic advisor and the college dean to sign the application form (available at the departmental office)
  5. 5. Submit the application form and other related documents to your departmental office (your college administrative office)
  6. 6. Check the result and your student number after the scheduled date of confirmation (you can check KNU website or the website of the university of your choice)
  7. 7. Register courses online via your new student number (if applicable, via the university website)
  8. 8. Tuition(designated bank)
    Regular semester : You can pay your tuition to KNU during the tuition payment period
    Summer/winter courses : You can pay your tuition to the university from which you are taking the courses
  9. 9. Before class begins →check course confirmation and the list of courses you have applied After class begins →take courses at the other university (academic affairs office)

How to check for confirmation

After submitting the application form for Credit Exchange with Other Universities, your results will be notified on the scheduled date or you can check with the administrative office, departmental office and academic affairs office 2 to 3 days before the class begins.

Documents needed

How to get yout grade recognized

Your actual grade from another university (total of 100) will be converted as a letter grade to be recognized at KNU.

Grade (total of 100) Letter grade Grade (total of 100) Letter grade Grade (total of 100) Letter grade Grade (total of 100) Letter grade
97 ~ 100 A+ 87 ~ 89 B+ 77 ~ 79 C+ 67 ~ 69 D+
94 ~ 96 A0 84 ~ 86 B0 74 ~ 76 C0 64 ~ 66 D0
90 ~ 93 A- 80 ~ 83 B- 70 ~ 73 C- 60 ~ 63 D-

Course Classification

  • An elective course from another university will be recognized as an “elective course.”
  • A teaching course from another university will be recognized as a “teaching course.”(However, the name of the course must match the course available at KNU to be recognized as a teaching course)
  • A major course from another university will be recognized as a “free elective course.”However, your courses may be recognized as major, double, minor courses with approval from the dean.
  • To ensure recognition of courses, it is recommended that students fill in “Course recognition for credit exchange with other universities”or “Major course recognition for credit exchange with other universities”before embarking on studies.
    ※Recognition of same courses does not mean that you are repeating a course
  • For students who have exceeded the number of credits permitted per semester/year, the last courses on the list of the courses aligned in the alphabetical order will be deleted

Repeating courses at another university is not permitted

※You are not permitted to retake courses at another university to repeat a course you have taken at KNU. However, you may repeat a course from another university if you have taken the course at the university in the first place.
(Grade for an elective course that has been repeated cannot exceed B+)

Elective courses taken at other universities will not be recognized as core electives at KNU.

※Electives listed below must be taken at KNU.

Entering students from 2012 must take 4 credits from Core Electives (Field 1)“Practical English.” Students of Humanities/Social Science must include “Nature and Environment”and “Writing”and students of Natural Science must include “Ideas and Values” and “Mathematics”and students of Art must include“Ideas and Values” and “Nature and Environment”out of 9 fields of core electives. Students must choose from 5 fields including the ones listed above and take more than 3 credits from each field.


Cancellation : If you do not enroll after being granted permission to study at another university, or if you must cancel enrollment due to leave of absence or illness or any other reasons, you must submit “Cancellation of credit exchange with other universities”to your college office and get approval for cancellation
(If you personally cancel your enrollment after being granted acceptance, you may be excluded from being recommended to study at another university next semester)