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Students who have missed 3/4 of class will be given an F grade.

Legal Attendance Exemption

  • A.Students who were absent due to reasons listed below may submit “Attendance Exemption”to the dean and then to the lecturer for attendance exemption
    1. 1) If you had to attend various domestic or international events (presentation, sports event)with the president’s recommendation,
    2. 2) If you had to participate in training or events as a member of the national team.
    3. 3) If you had to take part in a physical examination for military service (outside of the period of service)
    4. 4) If you were prevented from attending school due to naturaldisaster
    5. 5) If you participated in voting
    6. 6) If you had to participate in teaching practicum
    7. 7) If you had to be isolated due to infectious disease
    8. 8) If you had to attend a funeral: parents, spouse (5 days), grandparents, siblings, children (3 days)
  • B.Your absence may be legally recognized as attendance but it may not exceed 1/2 of the total number of school days.
  • C.The lecturer may choose to give students homework during the period of absence andgrade students on their homework.

※Basis : Rules for Managing Academic Grade Article 2 (Grade Evaluation) and Article 12 (Attendance Recognition for Legal Absence)


  • If a student sits for someone else’s exam, switchestest papers, or commitsany other act of plagiarismor academic dishonesty, their test for the class will be cancelled and they will be removed from the exam area. They may be placed under probation, suspended for a fixed period of time, or suspended for an indefinite period.
  • There will be strict policies such as cancellation of exams for students who are caught cheating on papers, or who look around and maintain a poor attitude during exams.
  • If a student who has been formally punished for plagiarism commits plagiarism once more, they will be placed under probation, suspended for a fixed period of time, suspended for an indefinite period, or expelled from the university.

※Basis : Penalty rules for plagiarism