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Graduation Qualification System


Students must fulfill the criteria below to be qualified to graduate (If not, a student is deemed to have completed their course)

  • Students who have entered before 2007 : Major
  • Students who have entered between 2008 and 2011 : Practical English and Major
  • Students who have entered between 2012 and 2015 : Practical English, Major and interviews with the academic advisor
  • Students who are entering after 2016 : Practical English, Software, Major and interviews with the academic advisor

* Only students of certain disciplines which evaluate Major courses must fulfill the criteria.

Standard and Criteria

Practical English

  • Students who have completed 4 credits of Practical English
  • Students of, or those who minored or double majored in, English Literature or English Language
  • Students who have acquired over 700 points in the Practical English Exam for entering students
  • Students who have acquire over 700 in TOEIC (mock-exam included) and similar scores in other official English tests recognized by the President.
  • Students who have studied over 120 hours in KNU English courses run by native speakers
  • Students who have acquired 3 credits or more by participating in language courses, global internships, or exchange programs from English speaking countries.

* English exams and TOEIC mock exam scores are recognized provided that they areless than 2 years old.

Interviews with an Academic Advisor

  • Students who fulfill the criteria set out in the Rules for Managing Student Advisor Interviews


  • Depending on each college and department, a student’s major courses can be evaluated in their last semester before graduation based onone among the student’s thesis, qualification exam, experiment report, orexperiment presentation.


  • Students who have registered for more than 3 credits from software-related subjects among the elective courses (SW and Basic Problem Solving Skills, Introduction to Cultural Technology, SW Cognitive Technique, Social Network, Basic Web Programming, Python Programming, Basic C/C++, Intensive C/C++, SOHO Business Programming, SW Contents Production)
  • Students who have acquire more than 3 credits by registering for alternative courses insoftware designated by each department
  • Students who have participated in more than 45 hours of learning courses (short-term lectures) provided bythe KNU information system (including the learning center)
  • Students who have acquired a data processing related license
  • Students who have completed acomputer related educational course recognized by the President (you must submit your certificate)

Graduation Qualification

Students must fill in and submit Graduation Qualification form

  • When to submit: the last semester before graduation
  • When to register : to be notified
  • Where to register: main office of the student’s academic departmental
  • What to submit : Graduation Qualification form and other related documents
  • Document : Graduation Qualification form


  • Transferstudents, foreign students, and disabled students recognized by the President are exempt from the mandatory Practical English and Software courses as well as interviews with academic advisors.
    (Disabled students recognized by the President indicate those who are registered to the Disabled Students Support Center)

OfficialEnglish Test Conversion Table

Score 700 120 529 71 197 600~605 50 IM1
Countries where English is spoken
Ghana Guyana Gambia Guernsey
Guam Grenada Namibia Nigeria
South Africa Norfolk Islands New Zealand Dominica
Liberia Lesotho Rwanda Marshall Islands
Malawi Malta Isle of Man Mauritius
Montserrat United States of America U.S. Virgin Islands Micronesia
Vanuatu Barbados Bahama Bermuda
Belize Botswana Northern Mariana Islands Seychelles
Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Helena
Solomon Islands Sri Lanka Swaziland Sierra Leone
Singapore American Samoa Ireland Antigua and Barbuda
Anguilla United Kingdom British Virgin Islands Australia
Uganda India Jamaica Zambia
Jersey Gibraltar Zimbabwe Cameroon
Canada Kenya Cayman Islands Cook Islands
Christmas Island Kiribati Turks and Caicos Islands Trinidad and Tobago
Pakistan Papua New Guinea Palau Falkland Islands
Puerto Rico Fiji Philippines Pitcairn Islands
Hong Kong