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Tuition Payment in Installments

Students with financial difficulties may choose to pay tuition fees in installments.


Students who have applied for installment payment
※Exceptions: New incoming students;Students who have applied for automatic payment transfers

Payment Method

  • Application Period:From 9:00am August 5, 2019 until 6:00pm August 9, 2019.
  • How to Apply: Apply online on the website(YES system → Enrollment/Scholarships → Enrollment → Request for payment in installments)
    • ※ You can choose 2,3, or 4 installments.
  • How to pay
    • If approved, print the bill from the website where you applied for installment payments, and pay during the regular enrollment period.
    • Credit card payment is not available for those who are paying in installments. Please wire-transfer payment to the given virtual account number.
  • Remarks
    • Check for your application confirmationon the website for payment in installment status.
    • If sections are left blank, the application will fail. You will have to login again and apply one more time.
    • If it fails continuously, call the Division of Finance at 950-2624 or the University Computer Center at 950-6659.
    • The current payment amount installations are rounded up to the nearest 1,000 won. The remaining balance will be righted in the final installation.

Installment Period and Payment

Plan Payment Period Amount Bill Posting Date
1st 8. 20.(Tue) -8. 23. (Fri) 1/n from the total tuition 8. 20.(Tue)
2nd 9. 18.(Wed) -9. 19.(Thu) 1/n from the total tuition 9. 18.(Wed)
3rd 10. 16.(Wed) -10. 17.(Thu) 1/n from the total tuition 10. 16.(Wed)
4th 11. 5.(Tue) -11. 6.(Wed) 1/n from the total tuition 11. 5.(Tue)

* n: number of installments. Remaining fee to be paid in the final installment.


  • If you do not pay your first installment during the registration period, your application for installment payment will be automatically cancelled and you must pay the total tuition fee.
  • If you are accepted as an installment payer after the initial installment payment, you cannot cancel your application.
  • If you do not pay your installments within the set period, you will be expelled from the university as a non-registered student.
  • If you do not pay your installments within the set period, you will be expelled from the university as a non-registered student.
  • If you have applied for 4 installments yet fail to pay your 2ndor 3rd installments, you will be notified during the next payment period. You will be considered a non-registered student if you fail to pay on your4th installment.

Procedures for students who have applied for a leave of absence after applying for installment payments. Pay the total tuition fee to apply for a leave of absence.

  • Students who have not paid tuition fee: Installment plans will be canceled.
  • Students who have partly paid tuition fee: Your tuition will be reimbursed and installment plans canceled.
    ※ Reimbursement period: End of November (three quarters through the semester)