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KNU Today

  • KNU selected for PRIME(Program for Industrial needs-Matched Education) project by Korean Ministry of Education
    KNU has been selected for the Program for Industrial needs-Matched Education (PRIME) project by the Korean Ministry of Education after being selected for CORE project last March. The PRIMEprogram will provide from fivebillion won to as much as 30 billion won to departments which merge with other departments or move students to academic areaswhich receive moredemand from industry. Out of 72 universities, 9 wereselected as participants in large-sizedprojects(social demand leading university) and 12 forsmall-sized projects (creativity-based leading university) including KNU. KNU is the only local flagship university selected for the program. KNU has a plan to move some100 students out of 225 in the humanities and social division the undeclared major category to the newly established Global SoftwareConvergence department. As rapid growth in the ICT industry is expected in the nextfive years, KNU will do its best to nurture talentin the IT area.