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Ambassador Visits KNU

Pakistan Ambassador to Korea Visits KNU

Tuesday, July 28:  The Pakistani Ambassador to Korea, Her Excellency Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, took some time out of her busy schedule to pay a visit to Kyungpook National University.  Arriving in an official government caravan, the Ambassador attended a meeting with the heads of KNU’s international departments where she expressed interest in seeing KNU work closer with Pakistani universities, specifying Agriculture as being a potentially fruitful area of joint research.  Currently KNU has four Pakistani partner universities.

After the meeting, the Ambassador toured the KNU Central Library and took special interest in the paintings located just inside the main entrance.  While the Ambassador was finishing her tour of the Library, Gyeongha Hall in Global Plaza was being populated with current Pakistani students at Kyungpook National University.  Sitting at safe distances apart from each other, the students eagerly awaited the arrival of their Ambassador who was happy to see them and speak with them about the primary objectives of the Embassy, visa issues and ideas to improve the Korea-Pakistan relationship, especially in the field of Science and Technology.  

The Ambassador concluded her time with the Pakistani students by fielding questions and posing for a ceremonial picture with them.  All in all, Kyungpook National University views the visit as a success and invited the Ambassador to visit again each year to keep tabs on KNU-Pakistan progress.