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KNU Begins Semester Online

KNU Undergrad Classes Entirely Online for 3 Weeks

UPDATE: Online Classes have been extended through October 19.

Due to the rising COVID19 concerns around the Korean peninsula, Kyungpook National University has made the decisions to move all undergraduate classes online for the first 3 weeks of the semester, through September 19.  A subsequent announcement will be made regarding the status of classes beyond the 19th on September 11.  Graduate classes have the option of operating face-to-face if it is deemed necessary, but generally, online classes are encouraged for graduate courses, as well.  Originally, classes of a smaller size were planned to run in the classroom.

Students who are new to the KNU Learning Management System (LMS) are encouraged to read the attached manual, watch the informational videos below and update their information on the YES system.  Exchange students, etc., who have recently received a Korean phone number are encouraged to update their contact information on the YES system with their new Korean number so they do not miss important updates.  Previous students have complemented the LMS’ ease of use, but becoming comfortable with it before the semester begins is recommended.