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KNU selected for the Ministry of Education’s PRIME Program

Kyungpook National University has been selected for the Program for Industrial needs - Matched Education (or ‘PRIME’) initiative put forward by the South Korean Ministry of Education. In recent months, KNU has achieved continuous positive results in key Ministry of Education projects, getting selected for the CORE (Initiative for College of Humanities Research and Education) program in March, followed more recently by the PRIME program.
PRIME is a program which merges university departments to better meet industry needs, or contributes between 5 and 10 billion won to each department within a university which increases its capacity (seat intake) according to industry needs. Out of the 72 universities who applied for the program, nine universities were selected in the large ‘Leading University in Social Demand’ category; while 12 other universities including KNU were selected in the ‘Leading University in Base Creation’ category.
After analyzing future workforce demands and considering the University’s specialized fields, KNU is planning to move 100 people from the autonomous Department of Humanities, which has a total strength of 225, to the new ‘SW Convergence’ major. Based on predicted rapid growth in the ICT Field (including the software development field) over the next five years, KNU is planning to cultivate Global Software Convergence Talents by taking full advantage of this new PRIME initiative.   
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