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2016 Leiden Rankings Verify KNU’s World-Class Research Competitiveness

On July 20, Leiden University of the Netherlands released its 2016 annual global university ranking report. The Leiden Ranking, which does not use institutional reputation as an evaluation criterion, is based exclusively on bibliometric indicators, i.e. the number of academic papers published and the frequency in which those papers are quoted by other researchers.  The results for KNU are based on data from 2011 to 2014 as provided by the academic information service company Thomson Reuters. According to this year’s report, which includes co-authored papers from Universities that have published over 5,000 volumes, KNU has increased its number of papers to 6,621 volumes, an increase of 364 volumes (5.5%) from the previous report. Among the Universities who have published over 500 volumes in the medico-biological and health science fields, KNU ranked highly with 1,300 volumes, 94 volumes more than the previous report. Overall, in terms of impact (quantified by the number of academic citations given to published papers) KNU ranks 314th in the world, 80th in Asia, and 11th in Korea.  Such results, it can be said, confirm KNU’s competitiveness in world-class research.
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