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LG Global Challenger 2014 Application Guidelines for Foreign Students


<LG Global Challenger 2014
Application Guidelines for Foreign Students>


Fields of Expedition

Applicants may choose one of the following: Information Technology / Engineering / Natural Sciences / EconomicsManagement / HumanitiesSociology / CultureArtsPhysical Education

Subjects of Expedition

Companies, Laboratories, Universities, Government Agencies, Local Self-Governing Bodies and Social Organizations in Korea
Expedition areas for foreign students are restricted to Korea.

Themes of Expedition

Themes should provide a vision through specific and systematic expedition and exploration activities in the related field.
Applicants are responsible for any infringement of copyrights including unauthorized use and plagiarism and may be subject to the cancellation of their selection and award.

Period of Expedition

Applicants may freely choose 11 consecutive days from Tuesday, July 15th to Sunday, August 31st.

Application Eligibility

Registered foreign students at 4 year-universities or graduate schools in Korea

Foreign students with a D-2 or F-4 Visa and the ability to speak Korean fluently.

Students on a leave of absence, Language Institute students and students having dual citizenship are NOT eligible to apply.

Team Organization

A team must consist of four students from the same school regardless of their majors or nationalities.

Documents for Submission

- Application for participation
In the event of applying online, the applicant must enter required information on the online application form from our homepage.


- Expedition plan [Download the form from the bottom of the current page.]

[Download Example]
Download and fill out the attached form and submit it in PDF format.

Expedition plan should be written in Korean(Recommendation) or English.


- Certificate of registration
Certificates which have been issued ONLY between April 1st and April 23rd, 2014 are valid.


- Certificate from the office of international affairs of the applicant’s school [Download the form from the bottom of the current page.]

Download and fill out the attached form and submit it in PDF format.


※ Applicants who have passed the first document evaluation must submit the following: 10 copies of each team member’s picture and a budget statement (further information: TBA)

Application Period

2014.04.14 (Mon) 00:00 – 2014.04.23 (Wed) 17:00


Please make sure to submit your application before 23rd of April. After submitting, you can check up and edit your application 4 days more (till 27th of April). However, we do not accept applications after 23rd of April. Please keep deadline.

Due to the high probability of online applications flooding in on the final day, you are cordially asked to submit your application as early as possible.

Contact Information of the Executive Office

Tel. 02-705-2992~3