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Cheomseong-Gwan to be a Living Care Center

There has been a request from the Daegu Metropolitan City government to use one of KNU’s dormitories (Cheomseong-Gwan) as a living care center for mild cases of COVID-19. With KNU’s motto of truth, pride, and service, KNU has a responsibility to share the burden of difficulty with Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province.  

To help bring around the quick normalization of Daegu, KNU is providing Cheomseong-Gwan for treatment of those with mild cases of COVID-19 for four weeks. 

To avoid any unexpected side effects in the operation of the center, Daegu Metropolitan City will completely isolate and block the treatment center from the outside with a thorough quarantine. 

The operation of the Cheomseong-Gwan living care center will be completed within the set time limit, and Daegu Metropolitan City will restore it to its original state so that students can move in without detriment to their learning and school schedule. 

Non-face-to-face lectures will be carried out until the operation of the living care center and quarantine is complete.
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