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Korean Government Scholarship Program at KNU, 2015 (Undergraduate Program)

2015 KGSP(Korean Government Scholarship Program) at KNU
(Undergraduate Program)
Korean government(NIIED) invites 110 international students from 64 countries who wish to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Korea. To be selected as a KGSP grantee, any applicant should successfully pass through the 1st selection process set by the Korean embassies of his or her origin. So to apply for the program, please contact the 1st selection organizations to get detailed information on the 1st selection process such as application deadline and required documents, etc.
*Application deadline may differ from one country to another; it will be expected to fall in September or early October.
Kyungpook National University(KNU) will do its best to insure that international students have excellent study environment and academic experiences. You will be able to realize your dreams through KGSP at Kyungpook National University.
KNU waits for your application.
▢ KGSP Application (Undergraduate program)
1. Period: September~October, 2014(set forth by the Korean Embassy)
2. Contact: the Appropriate Korean Embassy in the country of applicant's origin(or the neighboring country)
▢ Selection Procedures
Sep. 2014~
Korean Embassy announces its plan of selection of candidates
Sep.~ Oct. 2014.
Applicants submit the required documents to Korean Embassy and have interview according to the Korean Embassy plan.(Application deadline is to be decided by Korean Embassy)
~ 14 Nov. 2014.
Korean Embassy recommends the qualified candidates to NIIED
~ 27 Nov. 2014.
Selection by NIIED
Dec. 5, 2014
~Jan. 2, 2015
Selection by universities
~January 9, 2015
Candidates confirm their acceptance of the university that they receive admission
January 16, 2015
NIIED announces the final successful candidates
Please, refer to the attachments for details about KGSP at KNU.
[Kyungpook National University]
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•Phone: +82-53-950-6092 / FAX:+82-53-950-6093