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“Rail-ro“&”The 13thGimcheonInternationalTheaterFestivalForFamily”Leaflet

“Rail-ro“&”The 13thGimcheonInternationalTheaterFestivalForFamily”Leaflet
Wait for foreign youth who wants share your precious memories with traveling across the country in the Republic of Korea by train ticket named 'Rail-ro' in ‘2015, 13th Gimcheon International Theater Festival for Family’
■ The recruitment of volunteers
• Recruitment: A total of 90 people (The 6th * 15 people = 90 people)
• Recruitment targets: young foreigners less than 25 years old who love Performances and festivals
• recruitment period: 2015.Mar.27(Fri)~June.7(Sun)
• Activity period:2015.7.24(Fri) - 8.4 (Tue)
(Select a day among 7/24~7/25, 7/26~7/27, 7/28~7/29, 7/30~7/31, 8/1~8/2, 8/3~8/4)
• Activity Time: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
• room,food expenses not supported (※ The family theater festival offers only “Rail-ro ticket“)
- If you want to stay at the training center named ' Ewha manri' ~ Cost 7,000won (1 night/personal expense)
■ Volunteer Benefits
• Watch all performances of the festival
• offer the 5-Days ‘Rail-ro ticket’ (Must be a volunteer at the Theater Festival for two days.)
※ 'Rail-ro’ journey begins from the train station coming to Gimcheon and must join “KORAIL MEMBER SHIP” at KORAIL
‘Rail-ro ticket’ : The train pass that young people less than 25 years old can use for consecutive 5 days or 7 days standing rooms of the Saemaeul, Mugunghwa ,a commuter rail train with Unlimited.
• Volunteer time given (when performing mission)
■ Screening and training schedules
• Announcement: Sat, July 11th, 2015
※ Theater Festival website postings on notice, as well as the individual notice
• Full training
* Volunteers Education : arrival day 10:00am- 11:00pm
(General business guidance of the Theater Festival, stage, events and performances Events Description)
※ Even if you pass, you can not work as a volunteer if you absent the training.
• How to apply
- “Gimcheon International Theater Festival For Family” website (→boards→Announcements
click on a volunteer application → complete the application→email receipt or by mail
• How to submit
- E-mail: (TEL : 054-435-8279)
- Address: Gyeongbuk Gimcheon yoengnamdaero 1321 (Baegok B/D) 2F Kimcheon International Theatre Festival for family