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KNU Today

  • US News & World Report‘2014 Best Global University’ ranks KNU at 1st among National Universities;7th among all universities in Korea
    On October 29th 2014, US News & World Report announced the Global Top 500 Universities. The ranking focused onuniversities in 49 countries and regions includingAmerica, Europe, Asia and Oceania. In its report, KNU was ranked 7st in Korea in the category of ‘Best Global University’. Eleven universities in Korea, including KNU, were included in the Global Top 500. The agency evaluated ten categories including global joint research, global and local research reputation, standardized citation effect, number of cited papers, and number of PhD degree recipients. In the‘International Joint Research Paper’ category, KNU ranked 96th, 290 in publications, 304thin the number of PhD degree recipientsand 337thin international citations, recognizing KNU’s global research competitiveness.
  • KNU Annual Research Funds Reach 284 Billion Won
    KNU receives research funds amounting to approximately 184 billion won annually for being selected for various research projects including LINK(30 billion won);the 3D converged industry fostering project initiated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(78.3 billion won); andthe Regional Specialized Project on Construction, Transportation, and Technology initiated by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs(7.8 billion won). These research projects serve as stepping stones for the growth of relevant industries and reflect KNU’s excellent research infrastructure and research staff.
  • 2014 Leiden RankingsPlace KNU 1st in Cognitive Science.
    In 2014, The Science and Technology Research Center in Leiden University in the Netherlands ranked KNU 1st in Korea in cognitive science area in its evaluation of the quality of international papers. The Center evaluated 750 papers published from 2009 to 2012 and announced the ratio of papers receiving the most citations. The results indicatethe research achievement of universities.Among seven academic areas, KNU showed the highest citation ratio in Korea in the field of cognitive science with a 6% citation ratio in 10% papers published. Coinciding withthe Joongang Daily Newspaper rankings, which placed KNU 8th in Korea for publishing the top 1% of papers, the Leiden Rankings reaffirm KNU’s research excellence.
  • KNU Records a 100% Pass Rate for National Exams in Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy
    KNU Students who tookthe national exams in the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy recorded 100% pass rate in 2015The KNU School of Medicine produced the largest number of passing students in Korea, with 114 students passing the exam. The Average pass rate for the exam is 96.4%. The KNU School of Dentistry recorded a 100% pass rate for two consecutive years, with a total of 59 students passing the exam. The KNU College of Pharmacy, which produced its first graduates in February 2015, also proudly announceda 100% pass rate among graduates who applied for the national exam. Some 25 students from the College applied for the 66th national exam, and the final pass rate was 97.2%.
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