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Educational Goals


Globally-oriented, knowledge-driven university

Global 100 / 20th in Asia / 5th in Korea

Laying Groundwork for the Vision
(2015 ~ 2020)
Implementing the Vision
(2021 ~ 2025)
Achieving the Vision
(2026 ~ 2030)
Reinforcement of Global Research Capabilities Reinforcement of Education, Based on Demand Fostering Specialized Fields

Core Strategic Objectives

Reinforcement of World-Class Education Competitiveness

  • Recruitment of capable faculty members from home and overseas
  • Strengthening academic advisory faculty systems
  • Strengthening capacities as a center for teaching and learning

Reinforcement of Globally Advanced Research Capacities

  • Strengthening research capability among faculty members
  • Strengthening of support for industry-academic collaboration

Strengthening Competitiveness through Specialization

  • Creation of academic specialization in each campus
  • Strengthening of educational accreditation

Nurturing Next Generation Human Resources for National Development

  • Strengthening of student activities
  • Enhanced support through scholarships, training programs, and employment

Strengthening of Domestic and International Collaborations, Social Contribution and Communication

  • Strengthening of external collaboration
  • Strengthening of international relations
  • Strengthening of volunteer activities at home and abroad

Welfare • Informatization and University Management

  • Strengthening of university welfare
  • Strengthening of student welfare
  • Strengthening of informatization of university and education

Globalization Policy

  • Globalization is a fundamental goal that lies at the heart of the educational objectives of KNU, both in terms of incorporating an international profile for all KNU students, and attracting overseas students to select KNU as their destination of choice. KNU will seek out and pursue undertakings that produce opportunities for KNU students and faculty to broaden their experience and understanding of the world.