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Welcoming Remarks

KNU, a Leading Global University,
Our Innovation Keeps Going.

KNU, a global, knowledge-oriented university, strives for constantinnovation.

Sang-Dong Kim, Ph.D.Kyungpook National University President

Welcome to Kyungpook National University!

Marking the 71th anniversary since it was established as a flagship comprehensive national university representing Daegu and the Gyeongbuk region, the birthplace Korean culture and tradition,Kyungpook National University(KNU) has been at the forefront in leading national development and nurturing talented youths serving our society. Having our roots in splendid tradition and reputation, KNU will grow to be a knowledge-oriented,global university with its educational philosophy of Truth, Pride and Service.

KNU leads the world with a spirit of sharing!

At the heart of a global network, KNU endeavors to be a harmonized educational institution where education and research complement each other;where basic and applied education grow together;where and new talents build their future by seeking knowledge while enjoying university life.

KNU retains top-notch educational and research capabilities to nurture world-class talents who will actively function at the heart of new growth engines. The University has ranked 5th in the QS Asian University Evaluation for the number of papers published, and has been selected forseven University Specialization Projects receiving funds of 6 billion won from the Ministry of Education, KNU was selected as the execution organization for new medicine development for the Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Complex, Future Convergence Campus in Daegu Technopolis, and was awarded IEQAS(International Education Quality Assurance System) accreditation by the Korean government.

KNU will realize our new vision by carrying out ourresponsibilities as an institution of higher learning, seeking knowledge and investing intensivelyin our students. We invite you to join us on our journey of creation and innovation as we help young talents become future leaders in an era of intensecompetitiveness and endless possibilities.

Thank you.