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COVID-19 Notice

Guidance for the Globals (Updated on March 11)


Guidance for the Globals on Enrollment Process at KNU, Visa Application & COVID-19 Regulations


Greetings from Kyungpook National University!

We are very excited to be a part of your journey and looking forward to meeting you this summer. Please use the information provided below to prepare for your travel to Korea.


How to Enroll at KNU

The Globals are required to visit our application website and complete online applications by March 2.

- Application Website:

- Login Information: ID: knuexchange / Password: oia65435011


Below are the required documents for your online application. Please upload them on your online application before submitting it.

(1) Documents proving the final level of education (i.e. a copy of bachelor's diploma or other proof of bachelor's degree)

(2) Certificate of enrollment (Master's program)

(3) A Transcript of Records that includes the final marks of Fall 2021 (Master's program)

(4) A scanned copy of passport (The information page)

* Letter of nomination is not required for the Globals.

When all Globals complete the submission process, we will send you your letter of acceptance and certificate of admission to UW. The certificate of admission issued by the President of KNU is one of the required documents for a student visa application.


Visa Application

 Anyone who wants to enter Korea for academic purposes must obtain a student visa from a Korean Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. The below is the list of documents required for the application of a D-2-8 visa (Short-term Study). Below are the required documents for visa application.

- A completed and signed visa application form (Please find the attached)

- Photocopy of Business Registration Certificate of KNU (will be sent to you by e-mail in March)

- Original passport (must have at least 6 months validity left)

- ID photo that taken within the last 6 months to be attached to the form (Size : 3.5cm x 4.5cm, White or off-white background)

-  A photocopy of the certificate of admission issued by the chief dean of a university specifying the screening decision of scholastic aptitude and finance capability

   *If you are responsible for living expenses during study in Korea, you also need to submit proof of your financial ability (e.g. bank balance certificate/bank statement)

- Certificate of enrollment or academic transcripts from the current educational institution

*As a rule, students should submit original copies of all documents for proving your highest level of education. However, a copy of your diploma or other proof of degree can be accepted if a relevant school authority signs the document verifying its authenticity. When submitting a proof of degree document obtained by an individual directly from an institution, only documents which are not past their validity period will be recognized. This period of validity is usually 30 days, but extensions are possible.

- Visa Application fee

For more detailed information, please visit


COVID-19 Entry and Quarantine Regulations (as of March 11, 2022)

* Please keep in mind that the COVID-19 regulations in Korea are subject to change. If there are any changes to the regulations, we will update the post accordingly.


Starting April 1, visitors to Korea who have completed their COVID-19 vaccinations will be exempt from mandatory quarantine.
Ministry of the Interior and Safety announced the exemptions will be expanded to include overseas vaccinations that have not registered for vaccination status in Korea as well.

Quarantine exemption will be available for those who have completed their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or received two doses (one dose for Janssen) at least 14 days prior but within 180 days. However, this does not apply to vaccinated visitors from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Myanmar, and must quarantine for seven days.

Overseas visitors must enter their vaccine records to Q-CODE prior to arriving in Korea and scan the provided QR code upon immigration. Q-CODE will require personal information (passport number), entry information (departure country, airline, address in Korea, phone number), and vaccine records.

Q-CODE website:

*All travelers to Korea must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 48 hours of their departure. (See the attached pdf file)



It is mandatory for you to have insurance coverage that can cover your medical expenses in Korea. It is advised to purchase an insurance policy before coming to Korea.

Below is the recommended insurance policy for the international students coming to KNU.

1) Medical benefits of at least $20,000 per accident or illness. (Sickness)

2) A deductible not to exceed 20% per accident or illness

3) Repatriation of remains in the amount of $10,000

4) Medical evacuation in the amount of $10,000 in the event an exchange visitor must be returned to his or his or her home country due to a serious medical condition


Important Dates

June 22: Recommended Date of Entry (Dormitory check-in)

June 24: Orientation



Mr. Hyunwoo Lee

International Exchange Coordinator

Office of International Affairs at KNU

Tel: +82.53.950.2424