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KNU: Most Award-Winning Int'l Grads


Kyungpook National University has the Most Award-Winning Foreign Graduate Students 

KNU recently announced that 24 scholarship students were selected as successful candidates for the “2020 Government-sponsored Foreign Graduate School Scholarship” organized by the National Institute of the International Education (NIIE) arm of the Ministry of Education.  The NIIE selected 559 candidates from 59 countries and 64 universities across the country.  KNU nominated 37 candidates for the award and 24 were selected.  This is the largest number of students from a national university in the country.

The “Government Invitation Foreign Scholarship Program” is the government’s representative international scholarship program, tasked with building an international network and nurture global talent through recruitment, selection and scholarship of talented people from around the world.  Scholarship students from government-sponsored graduate schools receive scholarships such as monthly living expenses, full tuition, research fees for every semester and medical insurance from the Korean government during their school years.  Currently 49 government-sponsored scholarship students from 29 countries are studying at Kyungpook National University.