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KNU Votes for Next President

Hong Won-hwa and Kwon Oh-gul Emerge as Final Candidates for the 19th President of Kyungpook National University

Professor Hong Won-hwa from the Architecture Department and Professor Kwon Oh-gul from the Law Department were selected as the top two candidates for the 19th president of Kyungpook National University.  On July 15, during the second round of voting, Professor Hong Won-hwa secured 54.76% of the votes and Professor Kwon Oh-gul received 34.39% of the votes, making them the primary and secondary candidates, respectively.  

Nine candidates registered for the election, and it became the first online vote for president in the history of Kyungpook National University, out of consideration for the ongoing COVID19 reality and summer vacation.  The campaign also focused on none-face-to-face online public debates and joint speeches.  1,190 teachers (93%), 645 employees (95%) and 27,469 students (49%) registered votes in the first round, and in the second round the turnout reached 91% of teachers, 95% of employees and 44% of students.

A second round of voting was held from 16:00 to 19:00 on July 15, as no candidate exceeded the necessary majority threshold during the first round.  In the first round Professor Hong received 32.74% of the votes before going on to obtain 54.76% in the second round, and Professor Kwon racked up 14.88% of the votes in the first round before finishing with 34.39% in the second round.  

As a result of these results, Kyungpook National University will recommend Professor Hong as the top ranked professor and Professor Kwon as the second ranked professor to the Ministry of Education as candidates for the post.  The official appointment will be made by the President of South Korea and the 19th president of Kyungpook National University will then serve for four years beginning on the date of inauguration. 

Pictured on the left: Professor Hong Won-hwa
Pictured on the right: Professor Kwon Oh-gul

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