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KNU Selected for “Regional Intelligent Innovation Talent Cultivation” Project

Kyungpook National University and Daegu City were selected for the Regional Intelligent Innovation Talent Cultivation project by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The goal of the Regional Intelligent Innovation Talent Cultivation project is to cultivate local business employees into a top-level workforce in the intelligent innovation industry. The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Convergence Research Center will be installed within Kyungpook National University, and in coordination with various local companies it will select master's degree students to provide ICT convergence-specialized and company-specific education. The education will focus on intelligent technologies such as networks (IoT, 5G), data (cloud, big data), AI software (machine learning, algorithms), advanced computing, and cyber security, etc.

A total of 18 billion KRW (15 billion from the government, 1.5 billion from municipal expenses, and 1.5 billion from universities) will be invested through 2029. A total of 40 students will be recruited every year for the master's degree program in ICT convergence for local company employees, with 80~90% of the graduate school tuition being provided only to those currently employed at small and medium-sized enterprises. A short-term overseas training program (two-week course) will also be provided to outstanding student researchers. The plan also includes programs to support research and human resource development in areas directly needed by local companies, including short-term special lectures specializing in ICT convergence, special lectures by industry representatives, participating company projects, and industry-university research and development (R&D) tasks.