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KNU Department of Geology receives a donation of MOVE suite software licenses from Petroleum Experts, UK

The Department of Geology at the School of Earth System Sciences announced that Petroleum Experts Ltd (PETEX) renewed the donated MOVE suite software licenses for academic research and educational purposes. Petroleum Experts Ltd is a petroleum engineering and structural geology company based in Edinburgh, UK, developing various software tools.

The MOVE suite software is the complete structural modelling and analysis toolkit providing a platform for integrating and interpreting geological data. Its modules include 2D/3D kinematic modelling, Geomechanical Modelling, Fracture Modelling, Fault Response Modelling, Fault Analysis, Stress Analysis, MOVE Link for Petrel, MOVE Link for OpenWorks, MOVE Link for GST. The donated ten licenses for all software modules have a market value of £1,872,218.26 (approximately KRW 2,830,000,000).

The Department of Geology expects that the donated licenses of the MOVE suite software will open opportunities for the Kyungpook National University to raise geology experts who will play crucial roles in characterizing the geometry, kinematics, and dynamics of subsurface geological structures and constructing 3D geological models through data integration.

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