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KNU Selected for 2 Startup Package Projects by Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Securing KRW 26.6 billion from Government for 4 Years

In the 2023 Start-up Package Support Project supervised by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS), Kyungpook National University has been selected for two projects, the Initial Start-up Package and the Start-up Leap Package, securing 26.6 billion won in government funding for four years.

The Start-up Package Support Project supports commercialization as a package based on the characteristics of each growth stage by classifying the support target according to its history as a start-up company. The support packages are divided into three types: Initial Start-up Package, Start-up Leap Package, and Preliminary Start-up Package.

The Initial Start-up Package aims to discover founders within three years of starting their business and provides a comprehensive support package for their start-up. KNU will receive approximately KRW 10 billion over four years for this project, and will focus on discovering innovative entrepreneurs in future new industries, supporting rapid market entry, supporting internal and external investment resources, linking investment councils, and nurturing ESG-based start-ups.

In addition, KNU secured 16.6 billion won in government funding for four years through its selection for the Startup Leap Package. In order to overcome the so-called “start-up valley of death” and scale-up for companies that have been in business for 3 to 7 years, the project plans to promote customized and specialized programs as well as start-up support collaboration networks.

Gong Seong-ho, head of the KNU Startup Support Group and Techno Park, noted, “As a base start-up hub, Kyungpook National University will actively utilize its capabilities to discover and support promising start-ups specialized in the region, and strive for rapid market entry and growth.”