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Kyungpook National University Selected for ‘University Creative Asset Commercialization Support Project’ (BRIDGE3.0)

Kyungpook National University has been selected for the ‘University Creative Asset Commercialization Support Project’ (BRIDGE3.0 Project) promoted by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea. By being selected, KNU will receive approximately 2.1 billion won in government support for three years.

The BRIDGE3.0 Project was introduced in 2015 to support technology transfer and commercialization by discovering and upgrading patents and technologies with high commercialization potential among the creative assets owned by universities. This year, a total of 24 schools were selected, including 8 ‘regional base’ type schools and 16 ‘technology base’ type schools. The newly established regional base type supports the development of regionally specialized industries in connection with other universities, research institutes, companies, and local governments in the region.

KNU, selected as a regional base type school, has a vision of establishing and disseminating an entrepreneurial university model to lead regional industrial innovation, and as such it plans to focus on 1) expanding the commercialization of convergence creative assets, 2) promoting the commercialization of creative assets based on regional demand, 3) strengthening its function as an organization dedicated to technology transfer and commercialization, and 4) laying the groundwork for a virtuous cycle for practical use cases.

Gong Seong-ho, Director of Industry-University Cooperation at Kyungpook National University, noted, "Through this project, we will discover excellent technologies and research achievements possessed by the university, and create a technology business environment that will allow us to lead the region's flagship industries together with local companies."