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Experience the Night Skies this Spring at KNU


Kyungpook National University will be offering a unique astronomical experience this spring.  KNU’s Office of Astronomical Science Majors will be hosting “The Night Sky: 2013`s Spring and Summer Story” at the First and Second Science Buildings on three separate dates in April, May, and June.

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Each event will commence with a one hour presentation beginning at 7PM in Room 120 of the First Science Building. Following the lecture, participants will move to the KNU Observatory located on the roof of the Second Science building, where they will be able to observe the stars for 90 minutes.


This series of public lectures and observations actually began in March with KNU Professor Park Myung-gu’s presentation “Comet”. Dr. Chol Youngjun from the Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute will continue the series on April 23rd, with the presentation: “Threats from the Universe”, after which participants will be able to view Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system.


On May 14th, Dr. Guack Youngsil from the Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute will present “Human Being`s Other Environment: Universe”. Although participants will not be able to enjoy a view of the moon on that date, they will be able to observe the beautiful rings of Saturn.


On June 19th, Professor Lee Giwon from Daegu Catholic University will finish the series with the presentation “Learning Astronomy through the Arts”. During the following observation session, participants will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the Saturn, the moon, and the stars of our universe.


Those interested are invited to simply show up at the times and places listed (support staff will be on hand to assist). For more information, visit the Public Observation Bulletin on the KNU Astronomical Science Major homepage; or call the ASM office at 053-950-6360.


Reported by Kim Seoung-gon,
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