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KNU Selected for New ‘GTU’ International Teacher Training Initiative


KNU Selected for New ‘GTU’ International Teacher Training Initiative


Kyungpook National University has been selected to take part in the new Global Teachers University (GTU) initiative that will train internationally qualified teachers and help preparatory teachers acquire domestic and foreign degrees and teaching certificates.


KNU was one of only three universities nationwide to be selected for the highly competitive project, for which it will receive some $2,040,000 in Federal funding (approximately $170,000 per year) over the next 12 years. For its part, KNU will add an additional $1,080,000 to that figure ($90,000 annually), and will put more than $180,000 towards curriculum development and the purchase of new library materials.


Under the GTU training program, Korean students will be able to earn dual degrees from two universities after finishing three academic years at their home University and two years at a university overseas. In addition, foreign students will be able to acquire a Korean teacher’s certificate after finishing three academic years in their home institution and one year at a partnering Korean university.


According to Professor Euiwook Hwang, KNU coordinator for the GTU program, “This is very significant… this dual-degree program will be a major factor in not only increasing the employment among graduates, but also in upgrading the all-round international profile of the Teacher’s College at KNU”.


Hwang goes on to explain that the focus will initially be on undergraduate students before extending the scope of the program to include graduate students. In order to strengthen the international teaching capabilities of KNU students, efforts to provide teaching practice will be coordinated with Daegu International School and Daegu American School.


Kyungpook National University has already initiated dual-degree programs in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with universities such as Northumbria University in the UK. In preparation for the new GTU dual-degree program, KNU has also signed an MOU with University of Northern Iowa in the U.S.

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