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“The Night Sky: 2013`s Fall and Winter Story” at KNU


“The Night Sky: 2013`s Fall and Winter Story” at KNU


KNU’s Office of Astronomical Science Majors will be hosting “The Night Sky: 2013`s Fall and Winter Story” at Science Buildings 1 and 2 on three separate dates in October, November and December.


Each event will commence with a one-hour presentation beginning at 7PM in Room 120 of Science Building 1, after which participants will move to the KNU Observatory located on the roof of Science Building 2, where they will be able to observe the stars for 90 minutes.


On October 14, Dr. Hyeon-il Seong from The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute will present “Finding Black Holes at the Mt. Bohyun Astronomical Observatory” Following the presentation, stargazers will be able to view the double star Albireo, the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus, commonly known as “the swan” and considered by many to be the most beautiful constellation in the northern hemisphere.


On November 11, Dr. Wook-Won Nam, also from the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute will present “The Present and Future of Korean Space Science”, after which spectators will be able to again view Albireo, as well as the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy.


Finally, on December 23, Professor Myeong-Gu Park of KNU’s Department of Astronomy and Atmospheric Sciences will finish the lecture series with “Astronomy as learned from Movies”. Afterwards, astronomy enthusiasts will be able to take a closer look at Pluto, the second-most-massive dwarf planet known in the Solar System; the Pleiades star cluster, also known as the “Seven Sisters”; and the Orion Nebula, one of the brightest nebulae, visible in the night sky.


Those interested in taking part are invited to simply show up at the times and places listed (support staff will be on hand to assist). For more information, visit the Public Observation Bulletin on the KNU Astronomical Science Major homepage; or call the ASM office at 053-950-6360.


Reported by Eun-kyung Lee at Yeongnam Ilbo
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