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Global-City Daegu UCC Contest


- Global-City Daegu UCC Contest -
Create a short video about your life in Daegu and win a prize!xml:namespace prefix = o />

○ Eligibility: Teams of international students representing two or more countries

○ How to apply:

- Make a video (running time 10 minutes or less)

- Submit your video CD along with an application form (attached) to the KNU Office of International Affairs by May 24, 2013

○ Announcement of winners: May 28, 2013 on KNU web site

○ Awards

1 Grand Prize of KRW 700,000

2 Runner-up Prizes of KRW 300,000

3 Participation Prizes of KRW 200,000

For all those who don't win any of the top prizes, KRW 100,000 will be given.

This event is a part of the 2013 Dongseongno Festival, and you will be competing with students from other local universities.
○ Subject of video: Introduce Daegu and KNU focusing on things such as:

scenery, history, culture, food, daily life

festivals in Daegu, such as the Herbal Medicine Culture Festival (May 8-12), or the Dongseongno Festival (May 17-19)

Buddhist festivals and activities such as the lighting of lotus lanterns for Buddha's Birthday (May 17); the statue of Buddha in Donghwa Temple; temple stays, etc.

cultural activities at the Museum of Natural Dye Arts, Korean Bronze ware, etc.

medi-tour featuring cosmetic surgery, skin care, medical check-up, herb medicine, etc.

cultural tours featuring Modern Alley, Bongsan Culture Street, Mt. Palgong, etc

city tours featuring Daegu Stadium, Daegu Opera House, EXCO, etc.

local cuisine tour featuring traditional markets, Steamed Galbi Street, Deulangil, etc.

Kyungpook National University featuring the campus, campus life, etc.

○ Language: You can make a video either in your language or in English.

If you are making one in your native language, please add English subtitles to the video.