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Application Notice for 2022 International Joint Research Project


2022 International Joint Research Project is now open for application. All graduate students who are interested in and able to collaborate in joint research with international researchers of partner institutions are encouraged to apply.


1) Objective: To self-direct and produce joint-research results in collaboration with both an academic advisor at KNU and a partner institution

2) Eligibility: KNU General Graduate School Students: Master’s students (in their 2nd semester or more), Ph.D. students (in their 2nd semester or more), or Combined Master’s & Ph.D. students (in their 5th semester or more), Enrolled students who have completed their coursework

     Participating students must be enrolled as a full-time student until the submission deadline of research results(2023.08.31.).

     General graduate school students of all majors, including students participating in the BK program, are able to apply.

3) Project Period: March 2022 ~ February 2023 (12 Months)

4) Final Selection: 20 students

5) Project Funding: KRW 3,000,000 per student

6) Funding Method: Each student is to receive 50% of the funding upon selection, and 50% of the funding after the submission of research results

7) Submission of Research Results (Required)

  - Submission of Research Report [Form 5 in attachment] and Research Note [provided upon selection]

  - Research Results:

    1. Presentation at an International Academic Symposium/Conference or

    2. Publication of 1 or more SCI(E) paper in an international journal

8) Application Deadline: January 21, 2022 (Fri), to the department office of each applicant

9) Application Documents: Refer to attached file (Excel file to be filled out by each department office and HWP documents by each applicant).

10) Application Method: To be sent as an official internal document to the Office of International Affairs by each department office

Inquiries: 053-950-2424 /