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Job Openings

Samsung C&T Corp. T&I Group Shanghai Office Recruiting


Samsung C&T Corp. T&I Group Shanghai Office Recruiting

 Employer : Samsung C&T, Trading & Investment Group, Shanghai Office

* Office : Pudong New Area, Shanghai 10th Fl. NO. 898 Puming Road, Shanghai HNA Tower

 Open Positions :

· Textile Trader : Supplier management &development ,market research, etc.

 Qualifications :

· Nationality : Chinese

· Degree : Bachelor/Master

· Date of Graduation : before June, 2019

· Language : Chinese-Native, Korean-Fluent, English-Good

·  Major: Trading/Korean/English, etc.

 Compensation : according to Shanghai Office's Regulation

 How to Apply :

· Submit your 1) cover letter, 2) resume to

  * first comes, first reviewed

· Details will be informed to the selected applicants who pass each steps.

Cover Letter

Brief Personal Information, Strengths & Weaknesses, Reason for Application


Nationality, Education(must include GPA and Expected Graduation Date),

Experience, Skills, Language Proficiency, etc.

· After paper reviews, interviews will be held through Video Conference with Shanghai

About Samsung C&T Corporation :

Samsung C&T Corporation, founded in 1938, has been at the forefront of Korea’s economic growth

with its outstanding manpower and expertise. The Trading & Investment Group of Samsung C&T

Corporation particularly focuses on trading and investment by fully leveraging its global network.

Main business units of Samsung C&T Corporation span across a wide range of industries including

energy, minerals, electronic materials, chemicals, steel & iron, plant & machineries and textiles.

By strengthening its core competence in the areas of finance, logistics, marketing, IT, risk

management, and M&A and utilizing imagination and integrated corporate strength, Samsung C&T

Corporation strives to become a Global Value-Creating Company that provides optimal business

solutions to customers all around the world. For more information, please visit our website at