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KNU Finals Begin

Many Finals are Taking Place in KNU Classrooms

June 22 – July 3, 2020.

Finals: the ultimate payoff for all the hard work students and professors have put into the semester.  The big story this semester, though, is that many finals are happening in the classroom.  Worldwide, classrooms remain necessarily empty, and KNU being able to return to the classroom for finals speaks to the determination of KNU staff and the overall Korean handling of the COVID19 pandemic.

Though finals taking place in the classroom is impressive, doing it safely is not an easy undertaking for professors or students.  Professors have been handed a 10-point procedural checklist for how to conduct themselves during finals and what contingency plans they must have ready to execute.  Similarly, students have a 14-point checklist that includes how they are to enter buildings and how they must conduct themselves once inside.  While this is a momentous step for KNU and Korea, nonetheless, caution abounds.  

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