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KNU Selected to Host ‘Jean Monnet Teaching Module’


KNU Selected to Host ‘Jean Monnet Teaching Module’


KNU has been selected to host a Jean Monnet Teaching Module conducted by EU representatives. Jean Monnet Teaching Modules are short, EU-supported education programs (or courses) in the field of European integration studies at higher education institutions. The Modules themselves are part of an EU initiative named after Jean Monnet, who is regarded by many as being a chief architect of European unity. Over 595 universities applied for the program in 2013, of which only 123 were chosen. KNU was one of three universities selected in Korea.


For its teaching module, KNU will offer “Understanding the EU: Law, Politics, Economics”, a new course focusing on EU-related topics and issues, which it will run for the next three years beginning fall 2013. According to Jong-Hwa Park, Vice President of KNU’s Office of International Affairs, "It will not only provide students with an extensive opportunity to study topics related to the EU, but it will also be a foundation on which to base networking initiatives and personnel exchanges with EU nations"

Reported by Eun-kyung Lee at Yeongnam Ilbo
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