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Dokdo Flash Mob held at KNU


On October 25th, at around 6pm, KNU students and Daegu residents gathered to watch and take part in a “Dokdo Style” flash mob. Participants danced at KNU’s Northgate to PSY’s famous song, “Gangnam Style”, while the Global Plaza illuminated the words “Dokdo” in the background.xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


The flash mob was held in remembrance of “Dokdo Day” (October 25th) and to announce to the world that Dokdo is part of Korea.


Five females, dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, started dancing to music around 6:30 pm at the crosswalk at KNU’s Northgate. Many people stopped to watch and take pictures, while passersby yelled and cheered for the performers.


The flash mob would start every 4 to 5 minutes. At 6:45, KNU turned on the lights in the Global Plaza to show the word “Dokdo” in celebration of Dokdo Day. 


The finale of the flash mob was a dance performance set to “Gangnam Style” by PSY. A male performer dressed as PSY walked slowly towards the performers to begin the finale. This time, all the dancers who had performed started dancing, and the crowd went wild!


People thronged to see the performance and took many pictures and videos. Some of the audience members, who were watching the finale, jumped in to the flash mob and danced alongside the performers.


“[When I saw] the word ‘Dokdo’ on the Global Plaza building, my heart was filled with pride”, said Seung-Hee Yoon, who stopped to watch the show. “I hope this experience [will] make people who watched today’s flash mob share their thoughts about Dokdo and rivet Dokdo in their mind”, she added.


The dancers in the flash mob were members and students of TOZ dance center. They spent one week preparing for the event.


“Preparing for this performance gave me strong affection for Dokdo, more than before, and I was very proud to make Dokdo acknowledged [by] everyone through performance”, said So-Jeong Park, a performer.


The purpose of the event was to reaffirm Koreas claim on the contested island, and to raise people’s awareness of the issue. As Sang-Bum Woo, a student at KNU, put it: “Although it was a short performance and dance, I hope [it will] make many citizens and students rethink Dokdo from deep inside their hearts”.


Reported by LEE Hwa-Sup,


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