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College of Humanities

The study of humanities is devoted to the understanding of people. The College of Humanities at KNU has long played a central role in foreign studies. In addition, each department runs more diverse and differentiated international programs than any other university, demonstrating its commitment to the study of international matters.

College of Social Sciences

Social Science is an academic area in which an understanding of various social phenomena is sought based on an in-depth analysis of human beings and society. The College of Social Science aims to train students who are not only faithful to their roles in society and well-harmonized with people all around the world, but who can also contribute to the development of human communities both regionally and internationally.

College of Natural Sciences

The College of Natural Sciences fosters curiosity towards the natural world by studying mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, statistics, and earth system sciences. In order to be a leading world-class institution of research, the college promotes research in core areasof future national development and seeks to produce future talent among its graduates.

College of Economics & Business Administration

The College of Economics and Business Administration not only respects the challenging and creative thoughts of our students, but also aims to produce professionals with distinguished capabilities. In addition, our faculty members have been making concerted efforts towards education and active research projects that will produce even more outstanding individuals as needed in society.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering aims to foster intellectual engineers that possess international competitiveness; who are equipped with various kinds of essential knowledge; and who have a sound and healthy mind as well as progressive capabilities as professionals.

College of IT Engineering

The College of IT Engineering is home to specialized global talents that actively cope with the rapidly changing IT industry in 21C knowledge-based society. In 2010, the College of IT Engineering upgraded its own status to that of an independent college by merging Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The College of Agricultural and Life Science fosters outstanding talent through its competitive academic courses that pioneer the field of life health industries, and contribute to the creation of advanced technologies in fields of green environmentalism and future-oriented agro-food life sciences.

College of Music and Visual Arts

The College of Music and Visual Arts seeks to educate the “whole person” by producing creative artists who will explore truth through the arts, and who will become leaders in their chosen disciplines. The college also fosters global talent by providing various international programs.

College of Medicine

The School of Medicine has over 9,100 alumni and a history of 100 years. At the turn of the 20th century, Daegu College of Medicine, our predecessor, was the origin of modern medical education in Korea. The School of Medicine has been at the vanguard of establishing and growing modern medical science and education in Korea. The academic faculties have produced nationally and internationally acclaimed scientific achievements. The institution will continue fostering an environment where students and researchers can produce their finest work by accepting research funding from the Korean government, bolstering human and material resources, and expanding infrastructure. We welcome not only domestic but also international students. We are always prepared to provide the ideal atmosphere.

College of Dentistry

As the only dental education institute in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, the mission of the KNU College of Dentistry is to produce outstanding dentists who can contribute to the field of dental science by upholding an academic-tradition of excellence, providing the best oral health care service to the community, and maintaining humanity and humbleness through active medical volunteer activities.

College of Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine aims to train highly competent professionals in the field of life science and life welfare promotion by providing education, practicum, and research activities based on the diagnosis and treatment of illness in animals.

College of Human Ecology

The College of Human Ecology was established to study human development and the environment with the aim of improving the quality of human life for the betterment and overall well-being of humankind, thereby allowing people to realize their personal and social self-development.

College of Nursing

The College of Nursing was established to train professional nurses and nursing researchers with world-class research capabilities who can contribute to the development of the nursing knowledge system in the spirit of serving mankind.

College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy was established in 2010 in a bid to train industrial pharmacy professionals who practice global pharmaceutical research; clinical pharmacists who possess enhanced pharmaceutical skills and vocational ethics; and talented, dedicated, and highly responsible pharmacy professionals.

College of Ecology and Environmental Science

The College of Ecology and Environmental Science aims to contribute to the creation of new future-oriented, eco-friendly technologies, as well as to the reinforcement of research capacities in unexplored domains of ecology and environmental science, livestock biotechnology, and leisure sports. It also aspires to cultivate students who will lead the symbiotic future of nature and human beings.

College of Science and Technology

In order to foster students equipped with professional and cutting-edge scientific knowledge that meets the needs of the industry, the College of Science and Technology provides coursesthat combine theory with practice,as well as various other programs geared towards creating future industry leaders.

School of Health and Welfare

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In our modern society, citizens demand better and more diverse forms of social welfare. The KNU School of Health and Welfare helps nurture students with professional skills and knowledge convergence through courses that focus on theory as well as practice.

Global Leaders School

With a view to foster global leaders in various fields, the Global Leaders School provides unique liberal arts courses to help students acquire foreign language skills, global sensitivity, and gain experience through leadership programs and volunteer work.

School of Public Administration

The School of Public Administration was established in 1971 to foster professional managers who will lead regional and national development. By 2012, more than 100 graduates had passed national administration, legislation, and bar exams. The school of public administration is the only undergraduate program which provides Pre-Law courses. Our courses focus on English, management, and analyzing techniques.

Undeclared Majors

The Undeclared major enables students who are unsure of their study paths to explore their interests in the first year of studies before deciding on their major in the second year.

School of Science Technology, Biology and Undeclared Majors

For students who have yet to decidetheir major, the School of Science Technology, Biology and Undeclared Majors enables students to explore their interests and various options in the first year of studies and decide on their major in their second year.