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Earn a Degree as a Free Trade Agreement Specialist in KNU


Earn a Degree as a Free Trade Agreement Specialist in KNU

Kyungpook National University, along with six other institutions in Korea, has been selected to offer a Master’s Degree in Free Trade Agreement Studies.  This latest endeavor, funded by the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance, aims at training talented individuals in the area of FTAs in order to increase the utilization of FTA benefits among medium-sized businesses, and to establish a core of highly trained specialists in the field of international free trade agreements.  


As a selected university, KNU will receive government funding for five years for the development of curricula, internships, and scholarships related to the degree.  Classes will focus on topics such as trade policy theory, FTA economic theory, FTA supporting policy, FTA agreement cases, FTA origin control theory, and FTA executive ability through preferential tariff. In addition, the degree will also incorporate business related seminars and work placements. Those who complete the program will be awarded a Master’s Degree in FTAs majoring in economic matters.  


Prime candidates for the degree would include FTA exportation and importation staff; public officials who work in FTA support and support-related fields; staff members of social and public organizations and civil associations; FTA- related educational staff; and graduates who want to major in FTA exportation and importation. Classes will also be held on weekends for those who are currently employed.


The new course, which will be offered through KNU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, is now recruiting for the fall, 2013 semester.  


Reported by Choi Byung-go, Maeil

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