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KNU’s Main Auditorium Thoroughly Renovated


KNU’s Main Auditorium Thoroughly Renovated


Kyungpook National University has completely remodeled its main auditorium. On September 5 the building was reopened it to the public following its most extensive renovation since opening in 1984.


Previously, the auditorium had been equipped with 2,096 seats, and was regarded as one of Daegu’s main concert halls. However, after nearly 30 years of operation and with demands for newer facilities and equipment, KNU has transformed the auditorium into a state-of-the-art multipurpose hall with an investment of some 9.7 billion won over the last eight months.


With three levels above ground and one underground, and a combined area of 7,903, the newly renovated auditorium has been equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems and on a larger scale than before to accommodate major events such as concerts, operas, musicals, speeches and other performances.


The number of seats was reduced from 2,096 to 1,852 to allow for larger personal sitting spaces. The main entrance was widened for easier access, and the outer face of the building was replaced by glass paneling.


As KNU’ President, In-Suk Ham points out: “The main auditorium has always been known for cultural and art performances, as well as important guest speakers and commencement speeches at the beginning of each academic year. The newly rebuilt auditorium is the best place for residents to appreciate the culture and arts”.



Reported by Byeong-Gon Choi. The Maeil Shinmun. 2013-09-06

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