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KNU Hosting International Conference

Kyungpook National University to Host Online International Conference on July 29

“The New Normal:  Meeting the Challenge of a New Educational Future” is the official title of the upcoming online conference being hosted by Kyungpook National University later this month.  The Office of International Affairs has been hard at work securing some of the top voices on this budding topic to speak during the event: Dr. Paul Doyle from TU Dublin, Adrijana Lazic from the University of Ljubljana and Dr. Troy Fuhriman from right here, Kyungpook National University.

The talks, each planned to run for 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute Q&A session, will dive into Maintaining and Expanding Partnerships; Preparing for Online Summer Class; and Professional Perspectives on Practical Problems in a Pandemic.  But wait, there’s more!  KNU President Sang Dong Kim will be offering a personal greeting to the attendees and Lorne Hwang has been invited to moderate the event.  To top it off, upon registering for the event, attendees will be encouraged to upload promotional materials for the universities they represent and those materials will be added to the event website.

Interested?  Check out the poster and visit the conference website at to learn more and sign up.  KNU looks forward to seeing you there.

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