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Health Care Center

The KNU Health Care Center is dedicated to maintaining the health of students and staff, as well as to the prevention of disease. The Center includes a hospital and dental clinic, and provides various services for students including health counseling.

  • Location3rd floor, Student Union Building
  • ContactsTEL: Medical Office: +82-53-950-8197, Administrative Office: +82-53-950-6566
  • Homepage


  • Counseling, Dental and Psychiatric facilities;obesity and smoking clinics
  • Vaccinations (Cervical cancer, A-type hepatitis, Influenza, Measles, Epidemic parotitis, Rubella, Herpes zoster,etc,.): Please visit our website for more information
  • Medical Instruments: Electrocardiograph, Blood pressure measuring device, Extensometer, Dental scaling, Resin appliance, Dental unit, x-ray machine, body composition analyzer, ENT unit, ophthalmology microscope.
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Training Center

The KNU Training Center was built in June 1986 to encourage and facilitate the continued personal development of university students and staff members through holistic approaches to mind-body training.

  • Location153, Hajeong-ro, Guryongpo-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • ContactsTEL: Guryongpo office: +82-54-276-2198, FAX: +82-54-276-2402
    Scholarships and Welfare office: +82-53-950-6810, FAX: +82-53-950-6063
  • Homepage

Fees and Facilities

Index occupancy facilities additional facilities fee (room /one night)
staff building 80people (16 rooms)
bed, TV, kitchen appliances(including microwave), air conditioner. towels (4 towels per room), hair dryer, portable gas stove(*gas for stove not provided) *Original(~2017.2.28)
(non-staff 50,000KRW)

*Revised (2017.3.1~)
(non-staff -
student building 200people(10 rooms)
bed, TV, air conditioner kitchen, seminar room, shower room, washroom *Original(~2017.2.28)
*Revised (2017.3.1~)
auditorium 300 people beam projector maintenance room

* High season: July ~ August(2 months)

* Facilities for outdoor activities: volleyball, foot volleyball, tennis, basketball, etc.

* Campfires and petsare not allowed.

How to Use the Training center

  1. 01.Book a date and rooms, fill out forms and submit it to the Scholarships and Welfare office, and transfer the fee tothe Training Center account (details will be provided)
  2. 02.You can book a room for the following month from 09:00, 20th of current month
  3. 03.If you are using a Student building, you must attach an “event declaration”(Student Union clubs), or “event approval form”(School department event, or clubs).
  4. 04.Money transfers to the Training Center’s bank account must include the applicant’s name. (Payment should be made 5 days prior to the check-in date).

Payment (bank transfer):Shinhan100-012-727889

  • Training Center 1
  • Training Center 2
  • Training Center 3
  • Training Center 4

Sports Promotion Center

The KNU Sports Promotion Center was build in 1972 to encourage university students and staff to adopt a healthy lifestyle by incorporating regular exercise into their daily routine under the KNU sports promotion committee regulation (1972.1.15.).
※the name of the center was changed from ‘Sports Department’ to‘The Sports Promotion Center’ on August 1st, 2005.

  • ContactsCourse Inquiries TEL: +82-53-950-7464~5, Facilities inquiries: +82-53-950-6821~2
  • Homepage


  • Various Wellness programs such as swimming and golf
  • Various sports events and lectures on general physical education
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