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Korean Language Program

Program Overview

This course is designed to offer Korean language instruction to Koreans from overseas and foreigners who have completed high school and who are enrolled at KNU. Before instruction begins, students must take a placement test to determine their level. Qualified, experienced instructors with a Master’s degree or higher in the humanities or social sciences will use various approaches and audio-visual materials to facilitate interactive education.

In addition, our program of Korean cultural exploration will provide excellent opportunities for students to understand Korean culture and traditions

4 semesters/year, 10 weeks/semester (200hours/semester)

5 days/week, 4 hours/day, ※Cultural activity/semester

Excellent Staff of Instructors have years of work experience and advanced degrees in the field of language education A total of 6 levels designed to correspond to students’ development

Scholarships are given on the basis of academic achievement and attendance rates

Diverse Activities to Experience Korean Culture(Field trip, International Student’s Day, International Studnet’s Sports Day etc)

Support for Student Acclimation and Learning Process(KLP BUDDY, KSC etc)


2024 Spring Dec. 1. 2023 ~ Dec. 29. 2023 ~ Jan. 12 Feb. 23 Mar. 4 ~ May. 16
2024 Summer Mar. 4. 2024 ~ Apr. 5. 2024 Apr. 15 May. 27 Jun. 3 ~ Aug. 12
2024 Fall Jun. 1. 2024 ~ Jul. 7. 2024 ~ Jul. 14 Aug. 26 Sep. 2 ~ Nov. 15
2024 Winter Sep. 2. 2024 ~ Oct. 4. 2024 ~ Oct. 14 Nov. 25 Dec. 2 ~ Feb. 2. 2025

※ Application period for Vietnames applicants : Please visit (


Korean Language Courses

  • Student-Centered Learning with a Systematic Curriculum
    A total of 6 levels designed to correspond to students’ development
    Advanced placement tests to match students’ abilities
    Systematic courses reflect learners’ needs considering the characteristics of Korean Language
    Integrated language courses include speaking, listening, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, expressions and comprehension
    Intimately connection Korea and Korean culture with textbooks and lesson plans
    More than 90% of graduates of Korean language courses go on to study their undergraduate degree at KNU
  • Comfortable and Effective Educational Environment
    A limit of 15 students per class
    Active and interesting learning techniques using multimedia in classrooms
    Grading and general counselling provided by homeroom teachers
  • Excellent Staff of Instructors
    Instructors have years of work experience and advanced degrees in the field of language education
    Instructors invest great effort in developing effective teaching methods based on varied research activities and teacher-enrichment workshops
  • Support for Student Acclimation and Learning Process
    Scholarships are given on the basis of academic achievement and attendance rates at the end of each semester
    Prizes awarded to top-performing students each semester
    New students are assigned a KLP-BUDDY to help them adapt to the educational environment
  • Diverse Activities to Experience Korean Culture
    To help understand Korean history, culture, and life, numerous opportunities are provided to the students
    Field trips to historic sites and major Korean corporations
    Traditional Korean cooking classes
    Trips to water-slide park(summer), snow-sled park(winter), and strawberry farms

Class Hours

Period Class Days Per Week Class Hours Per Day
40 weeks 20 hours (Mon. through Fri.) 4 hours

※ 4 semestersX10 weeks X 5 days * 4 hours = 800 hours

Level Descriptions(Goals and Contents)

Level Goals and Contents
Level 1
  • To learn basics of Korean language such Korean alphabet, sentence structure, past-present-future tense.
  • Can understand and express oneself on simple topics.
  • Can do everyday tasks such as making phone calls, asking a favor, suggesting, and use expressions required in public facilities.
  • Can pass TOPIK Level 1-2.
Level 2
  • To learn intermediate level grammar and expressions used in daily life such as endings of modifier form and various auxiliary words.
  • Can understand and express oneself on topics related to private life such as work, hobbies and appointments.
  • To learn how to make an explanation and description necessary to use public institutions like immigration office or travel agency as well as to maintain social relationship.
  • Can pass TOPIK Level 1-2.
Level 3
  • To complete intermediate level Korean course.
  • Can understand and express oneself on simple and familiar topics as well as social issues related to career, events, nation, and culture in paragraphs.
  • Can speak well in most of the situations when using facilities and maintaining social relationship, and also not to have difficulty in having a daily talk.
  • Can perform simple tasks like filling out documents.
  • Can speak using abstract subjects and idiomatic expressions often used.
  • Can pass TOPIK Level 3-4.
Level 4
  • To complete intermediate and high level Korean course.
  • Can understand relatively ordinary new and newspaper articles.
  • Can understand and express oneself fluently on familiar social topics.
  • Can understand and express oneself on unfamiliar topics throughout politics, economy, society and culture.
  • Can pass TOPIK Level 4-5.
Level 5
  • To complete advanced level.
  • Can use abstract words describing social phenomena correctly.
  • Can produce technical texts required for business and academic fields.
  • Can understand the intention of the speaker or infer the content of familiar social or abstract topics.
  • Can understand most newspaper articles and the contents of tests on policy, economy, and society.
  • Can pass TOPIK Level 5-6.
Level 6
  • Preparation course for studying undergraduate and graduate school in Korea.
  • Can write academic articles, speeches, and documents.
  • Can understand most news or broadcasting discourses.
  • Can understand the situation of the writings and the psychology of the characters in representative essays and novels.
  • Can understands and use idiomatic expressions and academical writings.
  • Can pass TOPIK Level 6.

Attendance and Grading Detail

Students are expected to attend classes for more than 80% of the class hours in order to be promoted to the next level. A student may be permitted a leave of absence for conformable reasons such as an accident or illness.


  • ① Scholarships will be awarded differently based on outstanding students who rank within the top 28% and register for the next semester by the scholarship criteria.
  • ② 2% of students who make the biggest improvement compared to last semester can receive a scholarship.

Registration Information

Admission Process

Applicant submits the documents ▶ Documents reviewed by admissions office ▶ Results announced ▶ Applicant sends tuition fee, application fee, and insurance fee ▶ Official letter of admission sent to applicant ▶ Applicant applies for a visa in the Korean Embassy located in their country ▶ Entering Korea

Admission Requirement

Foreigners or overseas Koreans who have completed high school or equivalent.

Application Fee, Tuition Fee, and Insurance

  • Application Fee : 70,000 KRW per person
  • Tuition Fee : 1,300,000 KRW per semester(10weeks)
    ※ Students are required to purchase the books on their own and it is not included in the tuition fee.
    Insurance : Students are required to purchase health insurance.

Postponement, Cancel, Refund


Postponement of enrollment is not possible.


Expect for unavoidable circumstances involving illness, natural disaster, etc.
Students must request and receive permission to cancel their registration.
Tuition will be refunded based on and in accordance with KNU refund regulations.

  • The refund application date is lncluded as refund regulation base date
  • Based on 80 hours/4 weeks (per month)
Date of
Refund Application
Before the Semester Starts 1,300,000 Full Refund
1st-7th Day of the
1,126,660 2/3 of the tuition fees from the current
month, and all of the tuition fees from the
remaining months
8th-10th Day of the
1,040,000 1/2 of the tuition fees from the current
month, and all of the tuition fees from the
remaining months
11th-20th Day of the
780,000 Tuition fees for the remaining months
21st-27th Day of the
606,660 2/3 of the tuition fees from the current
month, and all of the tuition fees from the
remaining months
28th-30th Day of the
520,000 2/3 of the tuition fees from the current
month, and all of the tuition fees from the
remaining months
31st-40th Day of the
260,000 Tuition fees for the remaining months
41st-50th Day of the
0 No refund
Before the Semester Starts 1,300,000 Full Refund

Required Documents

  • 01. Completed Application Form for Korean Language Course Download
  • 02. Study Plan (written in Korean or English) Download
  • 03. Consent form for personal information collection and usage
  • 04. A copy of applicant’s Passport
  • 05. 3 passport photos (3.5 x 4.5cm, white background)
  • 06. [Original]Apostille/Verified by the Korean Embassy -Graduation certificate and transcript of final degree(High school/University)
  • 07. [Original]Bank statement of deposit balance showing at least USD 10,000 in your/your parent’s name: Only those issued within 30 days of the application date.
  • 08. A copy of full birth certificate/family relation certificate
  • 09. Parents’ certificate of employment, tax payment
  • 10. Proof of current employment and career (if applicable)
  • 11. Certificate showing your Korean skills (if applicable)
  • 12. Certificate of tuberculosis including a chest X-ray from hospitals: applicants from high risk countries of tuberculosis
    • ※ All the application documents should be sent via airmail/by post/in person.(Email not acceptable)
    • ※ Applicants must fill in the correct email address on the application form, since the notices will be sent to the applicants’ email.
    • ※ All the documents should be in Korean or English. Documents in other languages must be accompanied by a notarized Korean or English translation.
    • ※ Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.
    • ※ Additional documents may be required for some applicants.
    • ※ Current Visa holders should ask the office before applying for the program.

Visa(D-4) and Alien Registration

Visa(General Student Visa, D-4)

This visa is for students who are going to study a foreign language. After receiving the admission documents from KNU, apply to the embassy for D-4 visa. Processing of the visa application takes approximately one month and the visa is usually valid for six months.

Campus Life Resources


With one’s student ID card students can read library resources, use computers,and self-study. But using the lending service is not available.


Rooms Mon.-Fri. Saturday
Resource Library During semester : 08:00-21:00
During break : 08:00-18:00
General Reading Room
Floor 1~Floor 4 : 06:00~24:00
Basement reading room : 06:00~the next day 02:00
During exam periods, basement reading room is open 24 hours.
New Year's Day, Chu-suk : closed

※ Subject to change

Sports Promotion Center

With one's student ID card students can use Sports Promotion Center under the same conditions as the KNU students


Shinhan Bank
  • Location: 1st Floor at Bokjigwan (Student Union Building), 1st Floor Global Plaza
  • Telephone: 950-5280
  • Service hour: Mon.-Fri. 09:00-16:00
Daegu Bank
  • Location: Next to Bukmun (KNU North Gate)
  • Telephone: 944-1081
  • Service hour: Mon.-Fri. 09:00-16:00

Post Office

  • Location: 1st Floor Bokjigwan
  • Service hour: 09:00-16:30

Contact Us

  • Office of Korean Language Program
  • Address: Foreign Language Institute 1F, Kyungpook National University, 80, Daehakro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea, Zipcode: 41566
  • English: Tel) +82-53-950-2445, Fax) +82-53-950-6724, E-mail)
  • Vietnamese: Tel) +82-53-950-2448, Fax) +82-53-950-6724, E-mail)
  • Office hours: (Mon-Fri) 9:00am ~ 12:00pm / 1pm ~ 6pm