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Student ID Card

How to apply for student card online

  1. 01.Go to and then log in.
  2. 02.From the top menu, click ‘Life at KNU’ →‘Life at KNU’ and then click on ‘Apply for student card’from the menu on the left (student card information 950-6034)
  3. 03.Make sure your personal information iscorrect.
    • You must upload your photo.
    • You do not need to fill in your name in English or Chinese characters.
  4. 04.If you applied for your student card before March 2010,‘Student card application’will have the first date of your application shown as ‘19000101’and then the list of the dates on which you applied for your student card.
  5. 05.Choose ‘student card’(ID card only) or ‘Student debit card’from the list of ‘student cards’
  6. 06.Check your application and whether payment has been approved.
  7. 07.For ID cardsonly: you can pick up your student card from the student office once the ‘Payment status’ has been changed to‘Collection’.
    • For students who are applying fora student debit card, you can fill out the‘application form’at‘Daegu Bank KNU Branch’ and submit the form at the bank. (For re-application, you can apply online, more below)
    • You can pick up your student debit card at Daegu Bank KNU Branch (944-1082) 7 –10 days after you submit your application form (For new students entering university in March, your student cards will be handed out by the university.)


  • If you do not upload your photo on your personal information page, you will not be able to apply for a student card.

    (For student debit card, if it is your first application or if you would like to change your photo, you must submit your photo along with your application form at the bank.)

    To upload or change your photo for an ID only student card, go to Student Information SystemUndergraduate –Change Photo and upload your jpegfile.(Inquiry: Student office)
  • If you have lost your student debit card, report it to the Daegu Bank KNU Branch. Once you have re-applied for your new student card online, the old one can no longer be used at the library (Fees apply for re-application; no fees for online application)
  • Student debit cardsareonly available at Daegu Bank. You must have your own account at Daegu Bank.
  • You can use your student card as a debit card, BC check card, and Daegyeong public transportation card.
  • When the ‘Payment status’ has been changed to‘Collection,’ it means that your card is ready and you can collect it at Daegu Bank.


  • Your student ID is made up of your student number + how many times you applied for your ID. The number increases each time you apply for a new student card.
    Eg) Your first student card: ID = student number + frequency (1) = 2000XXXXXX1.
  • You can use this ID to log in to the library homepage and your initial password will be the first six digits of your resident registration number. You can change your password by editing your personal information from the library homepage.
  • If you apply for a new student card, you cannot check-out or renew items as you will automatically be considered as havinglost your ID.

ID Card with Check Card Function

Student ID card(IC card type) can be re-issued through internet banking on the Daegu Bank website

(This applies only to students with an ID card issued before 2006. These ID holders should change their cards to IC cards)

  • Applicants: Students who havean IC type Student ID cardand have joined internet banking at Daegu Bank
  • Benefit: Commission waiver for re-issuance
  • Student ID Card Application Process
    • Fill out the online application on the KNU website
    • After getting the ‘Received’ notification, continue the application process
    • Access ‘Personal Banking’on the Daegu Bank website
    • Go through the personal identification process(input coded bank certificate)
    • Select the ‘Campus Bank’ menu on the left side of the personal banking page
    • Select ‘Application for IC card re-issuance’ on the bottom-right side of the page
    • Input college, title, bank account number, and email address and click ‘Apply’
    • Check student ID number and name on the ‘results’ page
  • The Card will be ready after 10 days and you can receive it at the KNU North Gate Branch of Daegu Bank.