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Visiting Scholar Program

Subject Areas

Applicants can teach his/her own expertise and we will match it with a KNU existing course. Please refer to KNU Academic Programs- undergraduate to check if your expertise is offered at KNU

Teaching Commitment (remote instruction)

Each visiting scholar will be required to teach 1 three-credit course (45 hours of class contact) over a period of 3 weeks, which is scheduled as 3-hour classes, Monday through Friday (9-12am or 3-6pm). Mid-term and final exams are included within 3 weeks.
KNU Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to teach online, set assignments, give quizzes and check attendance.
If possible, we would like to introduce office hours for giving feedback/comments to KNU students. It can be scheduled after class.

Class Information

We would like to encourage the use of interactive teaching methods to KNU students.
Given the short duration, we prefer that students are given handouts, instead of being required to purchase a text book.
N.B. In rare cases, a course may be cancelled due to insufficient student registration.

Date for VSP 2024

  • Summer Session: June 27 ~ July 17, 2024

Financial Arrangement

KNU will provide Stipend of KRW3.2 million - (paid at the end of the course)
There will be no travelling to Korea

Contact Information

Email :

On-line application

Please apply online by February 15, 2024 (Korea Standard Time). The selection process will be finalized by early April. Applicants will be informed by email