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For Undergraduate Students

International undergraduate students can receive scholarships based on their academic achievement in the previous semester

  • Top 7% of international students : 80% off tuition fees
  • Top 30% of international students : 20% off tuition fees

KNU International Graduate Scholarship(KINGS)


Recommended applicants whose documents have been accepted and who have passed departmental screening.


Up to 70 applicants per semester


  1. Department Screening
    Recommend KINGS students by their ranking
  2. O.I.A
    Determine number of scholarship recipients
  3. Admissions Committee
    Select KINGS students

Related Information

  • Benefits: 100% of tuition fees
  • Support Period :
    • Master’s & Doctoral programs: Maximum two (2) years starting from first semester
    • Combined Master’s & Doctoral program: Maximum four (4) years starting from first semester
  • Scholarships will be reviewed after every semester and continuation of a scholarship into another semester is not guaranteed.

2021 Guide book for Int'l Students

2021 Guide book for Int'l Students Download