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KNU Daegu Campus Dormitories

KNU Daegu Campus Dormitories have 8 dormitory buildings, a cafeteria, and 2 BTL dormitory buildings. There are 2,065 rooms which accommodate 4,598 undergraduate and graduate students. Each building has a recreation hall, gym, shower room, computer lab, and library. The cultural center has a cafeteria which can accommodate 700 people, and aevent spacewith lights, video, and audio equipment.


  • Assignsrooms and maintains dormitory facilities
  • Operates Guest House, and Faculty Apartments
Building Room type occupancies note
Seongsil-Gwan Double Occupancy 270 Male Undergraduate students
Geungji-Gwan Quad Occupancy 560 Male Undergraduate students
Hyubdong-Gwan Quad Occupancy 428 Female Undergraduate students
Bongsa-Gwan Double Occupancy 327 male Postgraduate, international students
Jinri-Gwan Double Occupancy 167 Male Undergraduate students
Hwamok-Gwan FU Double Occupancy 246 Female Undergraduate students
Hwamok-Gwan FS Double Occupancy 80 Female Postgraduate, international students
Myunhak-Gwan Double Occupancy 52 Female international students
Hyangto-Gwan Double Occupancy 716 Local government recommended students, Undergraduate students
Cheomseong-Gwan Double Occupancy 1,362 Female/male Undergraduate, Postgraduate, international students
Myeongui-Gwan Double Occupancy 424 School of Medicine, School of Dentistry students
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  • 생활관 대구캠퍼스 사진 8
  • 생활관 대구캠퍼스 사진 9
  • 생활관 대구캠퍼스 사진 10
  • 생활관 대구캠퍼스 사진 11
  • 생활관 대구캠퍼스 사진 12
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KNU Sangju Campus Dormitory

The KNU Dormitory at Sangju Campus has 1 cafeteria and 6 dormitory buildings with a total of 534 rooms housing 1,314 (male 896/female418)undergraduate, graduate, and international students. It is equipped with a gym, a computer lab(each room has internet access), a recreation hall(cable TV, air conditioner), and a meeting room. There are laundry facilities on every floor.


  • Assignsrooms and maintains dormitory facilities
  • Provides Guest House facilities
Building Room type occupancies note
Jaju-Gwan Quad Occupancy 212 Male Undergraduate students
Changjo-Gwan Double Occupancy 182 Male Undergraduate students
Geunmyeon-Gwan Double Occupancy 102 Female Undergraduate students
Gyeongae-Gwan Quad Occupancy 280 Male Undergraduate, Graduate, international students
Noak-Gwan Double Occupancy 224 Female Undergraduate, Graduate, international students
Cheongun-Gwan Double Occupancy 246 Male Undergraduate, Graduate, international students
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