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Office of International Affairs

Office of International Affairs (OIA)

Since its establishment in 2001, the Office of International Affairs has been providing diverse and unique international programs for students and faculty. Having secured academic partnerships with nearly 550 institutions in 66 countries worldwide, the OIA strives for the internationalization of students and academic staff at KNU, aiming to foster future global leaders equipped with global competitiveness. The OIA door is always open to students who seek to participate in the programs offered.

  • Won Young Tak, Ph.D.

    • Dean of the Office of International Affairs / Professor of School of Medicine
    • E-mail.
    • Tel.+82-53-200-5519
  • Ji Young Lim, Ph.D.

    • Vice Dean of the Office of International Affairs / Professor of Child Studies
    • E-mail.
    • Tel.+82-53-950-2402



  • Ji Young Gyeong

  • Hyun Jeong Park

    • Accounting
    • E-mail. -
    • Tel.+82-53-950-2422
  • Yeong Bin Han

  • Hee Joung Woo

  • Sae Ron Lee

    • Outbound Student Exchange and Double Degree (US / Canada / Australia and Asian Countries)
    • E-mail. ​​
    • Tel.+82-53-950-2423
  • Hyun Ju Choi

    • Global Challenger / Overseas Language Program / Summer School / Global Internship Program
    • E-mail. ​​​
    • Tel.+82-53-950-2424
  • Hae Jin Shin

  • Yoo Jin Lee

  • Hyunwoo Lee

    • Inbound Exchange·Double Degree Student & Buddy Program
    • E-mail. ​
    • Tel.+82-53-950-2414
  • David Duprey

  • Dustin Waters


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