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Volunteer Program

Volunteer program

To nurture talent with practical intellect, we support student volunteers by introducing overseas and domestic volunteer programs, recruiting volunteers, and up-loading activity data.

  • LocationStudent Service Center (volunteer center)
  • ContactsTEL: +82-53-950-6038 FAX:+82 53-950-6039
  • Homepage

Domestic volunteer program

social welfare

  • social visits
    • Visit elderly peopleliving alone (meal assistance, chat together, bathe, housework)
    • Host family meal delivery service
    • Accompanyingservices (to hospitals, public offices)
  • facilities, organizations
    • silver party, birthday party
    • assist physical therapy, assist driving service
    • senior community center cleaning, senior Korean(Hangeul) class
    • assist hobby class, prepare free meal service
  • social visits
    • disabled children learning assistance, effort volunteer work (laundry, cleaning)
    • chat together, read books, accompanyingservices (to hospitals, public offices)
  • facilities, organizations
    • social rehabilitation training, occupation rehabilitation training
    • Improvingfacility environment (decorate child care center)
    • study guidance disable children(Korean, English)
    • meal assistance, play therapy
    • recreation, sports therapy
children and adolescents
  • social visits
    • build sisterhood relationship with child-headed households, children from low income families
    • moral tutoring, study guidance, art, music, P.E tutoring
    • side dish delivery service
    • telephone counseling(qualification needed: apply after counseling)
  • facilities, organizations
    • after school program (study guidance)
    • children music, art, English, essay tutoring
    • children culture center (recreation)
    • children under probation study and behaviorguidance
    • young children in day care center tutoring, recreation assistance

local social welfare

  • clean up polluted water, run‘CSER (Conserver, Share, Exchange, Reuse)’market (event assistance, promotion), monitor industrial wastewater discharge
  • citizen environment program, green consumer movement, monitor excessive exhaust emission, improve river and tributary environment
  • conduct public transportation satisfaction survey, maintain local flora and green areas
  • clean up and promote water supply protection area
  • park environmental maintenance and enjoyment guidance
  • Korean literacy class, interpreting, translation, writing service, adolescent volunteers, publish volunteer newspaper
  • PC monitor –search data, upload computer network
health and medical
  • patient registration support, treatment assistance, hospitalized children play therapy, study guidance, book lending and maintaining the library
  • volunteer medical services for doctorless villagesand social welfare facilities, computer tutoring and music, art therapy for patients
  • work assistant- manage charts, computer-based work, maintainingmedical equipment
administrative work
  • organize information, input/organize data on PC, alcohol support center work assistance, edit, proofread, send bulletins, conduct telephone polls
  • library work assistance (maintain library, book lending), monitor bulletin, journalist-articles, visit organizations
  • public office database construction
  • monitor and maintain cultural heritage areas, youth-centered cultural activities guidance (field trip, tour)
  • promote Korean culture to foreign workers, explore historic ruins, supply activities


On campus
  • campus traffic control •central library work assistance •school events assistance volunteer
  • administrative assistance •maintain campus (recycling condition survey)
International cooperation
  • international conference event assistance (interpreting, guide)

international volunteer program

Nowadays, world affairs including politics, economy, culture, environment, health, medical, and food are affecting our livesregardless of region and race. We promoteinternational volunteer programs to nurture talented individualswith broader perspectives, enhanced professional capacities,and greater community spirit. The purposes of this globalization program– the so called “glocalization”(globalization and localization) program - are to train people in professional vocational skills, international standards, and develop community spirit. By experiencing the“society of community”of the modern globalized era, volunteers begin to question what they should see and feel, and enjoy the opportunity to chart their future paths towards becoming global leaders.