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KNU Turns 74

Kyungpook National University Celebrates its 74th Anniversary

Kyungpook National University celebrated its 74th anniversary on May 27, one day before the May 28 anniversary, in Gyeongha Hall II, located on the first floor of Global Plaza.  The ceremony was conducted in a minimalist fashion, adhering to social distancing protocols, in response to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

At the ceremony, faculty members, including Young-ho Kim, a professor of Life Sciences, were awarded commendations for their service, and an additional 25 employees were awarded for their service as well.  Chang-jin Jeon, a decorated professor of biosciences, distributed the awards.  Three students were also selected to become KNU Honorary Students, which is a status given to students who raised their university’s status through internal and external activities, awards and volunteer work.  Additionally, to honor Jean-Marie Lehn, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1987, and to encourage academic development, the “Jean-Marie Lehn Award,” which has been awarded to outstanding graduate students since 2001, was awarded to Hyun-seung Lim, a graduate student of applied chemical engineering.  To cap it all off, KNU’s Academic Award, Wonam Academic Award, KNU’s Education award and the Chongdongchang Awards were handed out to their worthy recipients.  

Kim Sang Dong, President of Kyungpook National University remarked in his speech, “We will not lead only academically, but also nurture talent that the nation needs, and further develop into a university that local people feel emotional ties to.”  He continued, “To that end, we need to be more flexible in looking at change.  The current times call for a disconnection from society, but deeper connections and contacts are allowed in the online world.  This is happening in all sorts of areas; universities are no exception.  Classroom education is being conducted thoroughly online.  There were initially many concerns, but online lectures have become our daily routine now.  The technologies of this new era have already entered our lives.  The university will be more active in developing and digging into new forms of content of education and research.”

Kyungpook National University was reorganized into a national university in 1951 by combining three universities: Daegu College of Education, Daegu Medical College and Daegu Agriculture College, which had been promoted to national colleges in 1946.  Kyungpook National University has produced a total of 251,346 graduates, including 192,900 bachelor’s degrees, 49,210 master’s degrees and 9,236 PhDs.

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