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KNU Selected as Local Government-University Cooperation-Based Regional Innovation Project

Regional Innovation Promotion through the Investment of KRW 331.6 billion for up to 5 Years

The Daegu-Gyeongbuk Regional Innovation Platform, in which Kyungpook National University will participate as the supervising university, was selected as the ‘2022 Local Government-University Cooperation-Based Regional Innovation Project (RIS),’ a large-scale national public competition project.The RIS project supports the establishment of a “regional innovation platform” through the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, local governments, and universities, etc., to select key areas that meet local mid- to long-term development goals, and to promote regional innovation through such cooperation.

The 'Daegu-Gyeongbuk Regional Innovation Platform' is a plural platform in which Daegu City and Gyeongbuk Province participate together. Twenty-three universities, including Kyungpook National University as the supervising university and Yeungnam University as the central university, will participate along with 14 regional innovation institutions and research institutes, and 200 local companies.

Going forward, KRW 331.6 billion will be invested for up to five years, including KRW 57.2 billion (inclusive of 30% of local expenses) in the first year, to reorganize the education system with a focus on 'electronic information equipment' and 'conversion parts for cars of the future' as the core areas, as well as other regional innovation collaborative projects.

To this end, in addition to the promotion of innovative university education programs, such as the △Establishment and operation of the Daegu Gyeongbuk Innovation University (DGM), the △Establishment and operation of joint departments between universities, the △Operation of field/shared campuses, and the △Operation of the Meta-Campus, the project also plans to carry out tasks for each core field, including △Customized talent cultivation and support for local settlement, △Leading technologies and product development, and △Corporate innovation. In particular, through the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Innovation University (DGM), which will be established on the basis of resource sharing among universities, 1,100 core talented individuals will be trained annually to lead the various regional innovation projects.

Wonhwa Hong, President of Kyungpook National University, noted, “By being selected for RIS, we are now able to solidify the foundation for regional development. Reviving local businesses, nurturing talented people, and revitalizing the economy is only possible when universities, local governments, local businesses, and related organizations work together. Kyungpook National University will stand at the forefront of that path.”

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