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Department of Animal Science Undergraduate Wins Excellent Poster Prize at International Conference

Undergraduate and graduate students of the Kyungpook National University College of Ecology and Environmental Science, Department of Animal Science (Graduate School of Animal Science and Biotechnology), recently participated in the 19th Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production (AAAP) Asia-Pacific Animal Science Congress, held on Jeju Island, and received the Excellent Poster Presentation Prize in the area of poster presentations.

The Congress is held every other year and is attended by about 1,800 domestic and foreign undergraduate and graduate students and researchers in livestock-related fields such as animal nutrition, breeding (genetics), breeding (physiology), livestock products, animal medicine, livestock biotechnology, livestock facility environments and management, animal behavior and welfare, animal microbiology, and feed engineering presented their work across a total of 10 categories.

In-ho Jo (Advisor: Chang-su Kong) gave the presentation that won the Excellent Poster Presentation Prize, which was titled “The Effect of Feeding Performance and Nitrogen Emission Rate when Amino Acids are Added to Low-Protein Broiler Feed.” The presentation described research results that can contribute to the reduction of ammonia generation by reducing the protein content in feed.

In-ho Jo noted, “It was an honor to present our work at an international conference. This was possible because of the hard work of all the lab staff, and thanks to everyone’s efforts, we were able to receive such an undeserved award. We would like to thank all the lab staff and professors for their help, and we will continue to do our best in the future.”