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KNU Selected as Highest ‘A’ Class in ‘Network Activation’ in National University Development Project Evaluations

KNU has secured 10.28 billion KRW for the project, which is the largest amount, including incentives, among Korean base national universities this year.

Kyungpook National University received the highest classification of ‘A’ in the category of ‘Network Activation’ in the 2022 National University Promotion Project’s comprehensive evaluations, hosted by the Ministry of Education and conducted by the National Research Foundation of Korea. Among Korean base national universities, KNU is the only one to receive an ‘A’ grade classification in the field of Network Activation.

With this ‘A’ class selection, KNU has secured 10.28 billion KRW in business expenses, including incentives, this year. This is the largest amount to be secured among national base universities.

The National University Promotion Project cultivates national universities as centers of regional innovation based on strengthening the public nature of higher education and enhancing educational and research competitiveness. The Project is being implemented for a total of five years from 2018 to 2022. The evaluation was divided into two categories, ‘Network Activation’ and ‘Performance Evaluation.’

KNU was highly praised for contributing to the establishment of a university cooperation network by constructing and operating projects linked with promoting the university's long-term development plan, establishing a resource sharing platform among national universities, and developing and operating joint cooperative projects. In particular, KNU operates a living lab, which is based on a local community contribution center and aims to solve local community problems, and it spreads a culture of social value creation through ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) forums, etc. The university also received an excellent evaluation for building a platform to realize a shared growth-type higher education ecosystem through the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Regional National University Joint Education Innovation Center.