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Top Research of the Month (Top 1% of JCR) – Prof. Jeeyoung Yoo


□ Advanced Li metal anode by fluorinated metathesis on conjugated carbon networks

- Corresponding Authors: Jeeyoung Yoo (KNU), Youn Sang Kim (SNU)
- Co-first Authors: Yong Jun Gong (SNU), Seonmi Pyo (SNU)
- Co-author: Seokgyu Ryu (KNU)
- JCR Top 0.189%, IF=30.289

- Energy & Environmental Science (2021. 2. 1)

* Registered in Web of Science & Scopus DB


Due to its high theoretical specific capacity and low redox potential, the Li metal anode (LMA) has been acknowledged to be a suitable anode material for next-generation Li ion-based batteries (LIBs); however, the task of overcoming the challenge LMA has faced due to its unstable solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) remains. It is this challenge that the research paper addresses and attempts to overcome through experiments of applying graphene-coated aramid attached to an uncoated aramid separator using a simple painting method to LMA. This method provides a solution to the issue through the formation of a more chemically stable SEI component, LiF, via fluorinated metathesis on conjugated carbon network (CCN) materials, such as graphene. Furthermore, the research concludes with the presentation of a profound discovery of a simple, low-cost, and reasonably effective method of stabilizing the LMA surface with no need for a platform – the method of simply drawing on a paper-mill-aramid with a graphite pencil.