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KNU Art Museum Selected as Best Museum in University Museum Promotion Project

Kyungpook National University Art Museum was selected as the best museum in the 2022 University Museum Promotion Project.

The University Museum Promotion Project, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and supervised by the Korea University Museum Association, aims to develop and operate exhibitions and educational programs using university cultural resources, strengthen the role of university museums and art galleries as cultural platforms, and expand opportunities for citizens to enjoy culture.

A total of 17 institutions were selected this year. In particular, a university art museum was included for the first time, and the KNU Art Museum was selected as the initial pilot program institution.

The KNU Art Museum was selected as the best museum for its management of ‘Whatever May Happen,’ an exhibition that combined theater and art.

The 'Whatever May Happen' exhibition, held from September to November 2022, drew widespread attention with its various programs, including plays and educational events along with an exhibition on the theme of unpredictable human life. A total of 7,800 local residents and university members participated.

Lee Gyeong-yong, Director of the KNU Art Museum, noted, “We succeeded in being selected as the top museum in a project that included art museums for the first time. The ‘Whatever May Happen’ exhibition is of great significance in that it included active participation by local residents and university members throughout the entire process, from planning and operation to content consumption. We will continue to actively utilize the university's material and human resources to ensure that the museum faithfully fulfills its role as a regional cultural platform."

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